Moral Courage



Tour Diary


The Gishora and Ruciteme drummers with David Shem-Tov (top) and Maziar Bahari (bottom.)
Studio Ijambo, a project of NGO Search for Common Ground, has been documenting the courage of the Burundi heroes since 1999. My friend, documentary filmmaker Maziar Bahari obtained a modest grant from the Prince Claus Fund to organise the 2006 tour to celebrate the heroes in their communities. When Maziar told me about the project, I took a vacation from my business and joined him in Bujumbura.

Maziar filmed the tour and interviewed the heroes. I photographed, wrote and produced this website. Our Burundi team included Gladys Ntibareha and Tatien Nkeshimana who translated and assisted with the interviews. Tharcisse Kabera and Selestien Bironka provided logistical support.

The website was translated into Kirundi by Gladys Ntibareha.

None of this would have happened without the immense effort and dedication of our team and a great many other individuals and organisations, all of whom deserve our deepest gratitude:

Lena Slachmuijlder, John Marks and their colleagues at Search for Common Ground and Studio Ijambo

Richard Ntawe and members of Ruciteme Drumming Group

Antime Barashankaje and the members of Gishora Drumming Group

...And most importantly of all Maggie Barankitse, Evariste Ndabaniwe and all the other heroes whose courage has been so inspiring.

David Shem-Tov

© Burundi Voices Project, 2006.