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Tour Diary


Tour Diary

Commune of Ruziba, Bujumbura town
At last the tour began. And the day promised to be beautiful and sunny.

In the morning, after joining the drummers in Buyenzi, we headed to the Commune of Ruziba, a neighbourhood in the south of Bujumbura. The performances, not intended to be extravagant formal celebrations, followed a simple format. We would arrange for the inkingi to meet us at a public place. The drummers would set up and start beating their drums to attract the locals. After 30 minutes the show proper would begin. Ruciteme would include a short play depicting a victim, a genocidier [genocidal killer] and an inkingi. During the intervals in each performance some of the inkingi and these who were saved by them would share their stories with the audience.

In Ruziba our hosts gathered in the playground of the local High School. They included Juvénal Nizigama, Pierre Nyambere and Isaac Kubwimana. Standing next to Pierre was Patrice Ciza, the man he saved.

Isaac, like many other inkingi that we would meet in subsequent days, was wearing the yellow shirt given to him at the Heroes Summit. For most of them, this shirt would be the only material reward for their heroism.

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