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Tour Diary


Tour Diary

Commune of Kinama, Bujumbura town
In the afternoon we continued to Kinama, in north Bujumbura. By now the skies were darkening. It was, after all, the rainy season in Burundi. It soon began drizzling. The drummers on the uncovered lorry were starting to get soaked, but they kept up the vigorous drumming.

I was concerned that this event would be a washout. But this community was prepared for us. A big awning was set to cover the inkingi and the people they saved. Benches were laid out for their comfort. Umbrellas were provided for the photographers. The awning, unfortunately, was not sufficiently large to protect the performers and the spectators. They did get a little wet.

Several inkingi were honoured in Kinama. Many of them were members of Abanaki, an association formed by local women to welcome back displaced neighbours and rebuild homes destroyed during the crisis. Among them were Amélie Nahimana, Pauline Nahimana Valérie Mpawenimana, Georgette Mahwera, Cyprienne Ntaconzobimanitandekuye, Yvonne Ryakiye and Léonie Barakomeza. Many people saved by them were also present.

This was the only time that the Junior Ruciteme drummers performed on the tour. Lena Slachmuijlder and Richard Ntawe started this group back in 2004. Now numbering twenty-three and aged between 5 and 15, they lacked none of the ardour and spirit of their older brothers. (Click on Lena's page to see them performing.)

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